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In 2014, the twin tragedies of MH30 and MH17 really affected MAS. Consumer confidence was down, in an already financially depted marketplace.

How do we push promotions in a taste manner? We target. Programmatically. People who are already in the mindset of travel, will be pushed specific tailor-made banners that were relevant to their region or destination of choice.

Together with our social agency, Rally, we also deployed #keepflying a social campaign to unite Malaysians.



From a simple insight that 9 out of 10 drivers are safer with kids in the car, we brought it to life in a simple, smart and scalable manner.

Safe Mode is a crowd-sourced voicepack, featuring Malaysian kids donating their voices for a good cause.

This is the first voicepack of its kind in the world, and Waze loved it so much they decided to make it available worldwide.

We even got people writing in from France and Spain volunteering for the project. And our largest downloads, surprisingly, came from USA.


MyTeksi SWAP

Taxi drivers get a really bad rep, thanks to a vocal minority who are against private driver services such as GrabCar and Uber.

The reality is, taxi drivers are decent, honest, hardworking Malaysians.

We decided to tell their story in a very honest manner. Authenticity is truly the key to the heart of our audience.

MyTeksi's facebook wall used to be filled with English speaking crowd. Today, it's much more colourful as the Malays too feel engaged in a relevant manner by the brand.

And it's definitely a bonus that we made a few taxi-driver's day too.


Ready, Breakfast, Go!

Everyone in Malaysia grew up drinking Milo. Problem was, they grew up, and decided coffee was a better drink for young adults.

To show Malaysians how a milo-fueled day can be, we didn't just storytell, but we decided to 'storydo' by involving the audience in a cross-screen game.

When you visit the site, you'll be given your special access code, and take control of your alter-ego via mobile.


Pump 14/16/18

Every year, Shell organizes a pump-petrol-for-charity drive during the Raya season. Problem was, the dates of the charity was kinda... hard to remember. The reason's practical - petrol stations needed alternative days to replenish its fuel reserves to cater to the crowd. But it could be a challenge marketing-wise.


We decided to make 14/16/18 a challenge for people to remember. So we worked with GrimFilms to transform the promo into a social challenge.

The term 'Pumping' is colloquial in Malaysia for 'push-ups'. And that's exactly what we did. Audience could film a video of themselves doing 14, 16 or 18 pushups and challenge their friends to do the same.


Hot & Cheezy

Hot & Cheezy is the hottest and cheeziest burger in town.

The idea's in the product, literally.

So we brought the burger to life, and programmatically tailor-made over 100 pre-roll films. Each and every one written specifically for the youtube video our audience was searching for.

Tune Protect

Tune Protect Special Newspaper buy

We can't let screens have all the fun. We believe it really depends on where our audiences are. Case in point, for Tune Protect, newspaper was still a very relevant medium.

To launch the brand, we created a newspaper 'prank' that really got Tune Protect noticed by Malaysians. And definitely gave audiences a reason to read up on the double-page advertorial.


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